Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Thong - A Time To Wear It And Not - It's No Thong Thursday!!

The Thong is an interesting garment to say the least. Don't ever say "NO" to wearing a thong girls until you've tried it... and remember it helps to always go up a size.

The Thong - who the heck invented such a contraption you might ask? Unlike here in Europe, there is little middle ground in America concerning the thong. Either you love it, or you hate it. Probably no other under-garment has generated such passion in the marketplace. Almost anyone can wear a thong, perhaps even if they shouldn’t.

The origins of the Thong lie in the sultry swimwear of Rio. At some point someone decided that women living in cooler climates might also want to take advantage of the overtly sexual feeling of assless underwear. However, the American market needed a much less sexual reason for wearing such racy panties. You know how those Puritan descendents are! LOL

Part of the genteel, nonsexual reason for wearing a thong is to eliminate panty lines. Modern fabrics were and can be quite clingy, and at some point, I imagine a committee somewhere, decided that the panty line was a scourge on society and must be eliminated at all cost. Hence the rationale for wearing a thong... no panty lines at the bottom of your bottom! hehe

However, those geniuses, perhaps didn't count on... there now being a thong line that announces to the world, well at least to anyone looking at your ass, you are wearing racy undies. lol

Originally available only in exotic boutiques on the coasts, the thong is now ubiquitous across America and the world. From department stores to Old Navy, they are everywhere. For Pete’s sake, you can find a very wide assortment in sizes from XXS to XXL at Wal-Mart stores everywhere, and they are the bastion of wholesome American discount retailing.

Thongs were also given a marketing boost with the summer 2000 release of rapper Sisqo's, "Thong Song". While most anyone over 35 was probably not running out to buy Sisqo's CD, the media buzz generated through radio airplay, magazine articles and a scandalous MTV video at least helped make anyone who had not yet heard of the thong to get in the know. I know that's when I got hooked on the Thong as my pick of undies!

In case anyone reading this isn't quite sure what I'm talking about, here are the facts. Thongs are similar to traditional underwear in that they have a waistband and generally the same coverage in front as standard bikini underwear. There the similarities end.

Just behind where the gusset (the cross seam, usually found near where your labia begin) would be on traditional panties, the thong narrows so that there is just enough material to cover the outer labia. The material continues to narrow, often down to just a string wide strip. Yes, this means the narrow strip of material, sometimes casually referred to as "floss", must ride deep between your butt cheeks, as the fabric reaches up in back to meet up with the waistband.

There are many variants. Technically, a thong never narrows beyond about one half of a centimeter or about one quarter inches. If the fabric narrows beyond that you've got a G-string, not a thong. Some models narrow to a string in back, then widen out again as you go up the back. Other models just have the string run all the way up to the waistband.

Victoria's Secret, perhaps the biggest seller of thongs in America, has several styles: high waist thong, low-rise thong, their version of the g-string (the V-string), the Extreme T-string and even the boy-thong... which is a pair of panties that do not fully cover your ass, but they have substantially more fabric in back than a thong. Thongs and their cousins come in a wide variety of fabrics, cotton, polyester, Lycra etc.

They can be solid, mesh, and come in any color or pattern. Other lingerie items such as bodysuits can come with thong bottoms as well. They even make crotchless models for the more adventurous, but you will not find those at Wal-Mart or even Victoria's Secret. I've looked when I've been in the USA! lol Prices are similar to standard underwear, ranging from $3.00 to $25.00 US a pair, depending mostly on where you buy them. Occasionally Victoria's Secret runs a clearance sale offering their $12-$15 dollar US thongs for as little as $3 US. But don't worry if your budget is a little lacking at times... just go thong-less and join me - It's No Thong Thursday!! Kisses...